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Dear *|FNAME|*

Spring has finally sprung, and this puts me in a very good mood! The creative juices are flowing and certainly makes working in the workshop a lot more pleasant! Working in sub zero temperatures is no joke!

So far 2015 has brought some lovely design challenges and those of you who know me knows that I am hopeless in resisting anything challenging...

The hand bound leather keepsake book has been a joy to design and create. From the first one to the most recent 'Alice in Wonderland' design. If you like something a little 'different' and personal this design will tick the box. They can be as 'elaborate' or as simple as you like. They are all hand bound with recycled cotton rag paper, leather and finished with a sterling silver front/back plate. They are diddy, which allows you to wear them on a chain / key charm or simply keep somewhere secret to write all your hopes and dreams in.
These are great to mark a milestone birthday, a christening or a birth. Prices start at £100 and will increase depending on how intricate your design is. Extra commission time should be allowed for this particular design...

The story cuffs and bangles remain one of my most favourite pieces of jewellery. I have made a couple this year so far with Vicky's probably up there with the favourites... Etched completely with photographs right round the bangle to commemorate a marriage of 50 years! This is very special and very different indeed!

The fairy jewellery - well these little rascals are never going to seize putting a smile on my face. Each one is unique, each one has a personality and each design always makes me smile from the first moment of preparing the dress to the finishing touch. A few new designs have also been added to the collection with the heart link bracelet being a very popular Mother's Day design this year.
I have to mention working with the very talented Kara over at The Fairy Maker. Kara designs and sculpts the most exquisite fairies, dragons, unicorns, mermaids and all things magical... In February this year I had the pleasure of meeting Kara and we had a lovely lunch date brain storming ideas for an exclusive The Fairy Maker jewellery collection using her sculptures as masters for her collection. This has been a long and painstaking process of design, getting sizes just right, weights just right, embellishments just right, etc. Of course this process is not over by a long shot but it has been a pleasure working with a creative mind that has ideas of her own and challenging me to make her ideas into a practical wearable piece of jewellery.

The Dragon Collection (consisting of a charm, bracelet and pendant) was released on St. George's Day and we are hoping to expand the collection to include fairies, unicorns and a mermaid... Of course this is hoping that they are well received as only interest and sales will allow us to develop and expand the collection.

The website has had a spruce up and looks a LOT BETTER and more user friendly! I have to thank Sasha for all her help and support in looking after it for me! We recently had a technical glitch and Sasha fixed the problem for me whilst on holiday in the African BUSH! Now that can only be described as incredible service! Thank you!

I am excited to see what the rest of 2015 is going to bring. Please note that the shop will be closed for August and September this year with the Christmas countdown starting from mid Oct. Of course there will be Give Aways, new designs and daily Social Media posts to follow every day. So please be sure to find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Enjoy the summer! xx

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