Fandamily Pendant and Pins

All the pieces featured are available as either a pendant or a pin. The pins are sterling silver including the stud back. Please make sure that your stud back ‘clicks’ in to place.

The Open Heart Fandamily Pendant or pin is completely handmade and probably the best choice if you need to stamp a lot of little figures onto your pendant. I love the playfulness of the little puff heart moving around in the big cut out heart. The size of the cut out will depend on how many figures we have stamped on the disc. The more room we need for the figures the smaller the cut out heart, and the less room we need the bigger we can make the cut out heart… So, a little flexibility is needed with this particular design.

The Fandamily Home Pendant or Pin – inspiration for this particular design was taken from a child’s drawing. It has a lovely element of fun yet captures the essence of family life brilliantly!

The Framed Fandamily Pendant or Pin – is in actual fact a ‘framed’ stamped drawing complete with a sun and clouds. A little flexibility is needed with size depending on how many members we need to fit into the frame. The centre picture has a shiny finish and the frame a brushed finish but it can all be made shiny or all be made brushed – so please do let me know if you have any special requirements or requests.

The Family Hut complete with a ‘grass roof’ available as Pendant only – is a 3D pendant with the whole family stamped right around the house. The inside is ‘hollow’ making this quite a light pendant. The ‘Grass Roof’ is fused sterling silver wire and gives the pendant lovely texture and interest.

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